Woman’s New Bamboo Bali Dream house

Photo courtesy of BoredPandahttp://www.boredpanda.com/sustainable-bamboo-houses-elora-hardy-ibuku/To live the American dream, being that of success, wealth and power, would be something that a lot of people would die to achieve in their lives. When you have worked so hard to realize your ambitions, you’d think that the only way left for you to go is upwards, continuously soaring towards a path of success. However, in the case of Elora Hardy, that’s not all there is to living at all.
Hardy was once a very successful individual who worked in New York’s fashion scene. All the glitz and glamour that came along with some very deep pockets from her salary would have been enough for anyone to think that they can live a life of luxury already. Yet, she walked away from all of that.nextpage

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