Woman's New Bamboo Bali Dream house

To live the American dream, being that of success, wealth and power, would be something that a lot of people would die to achieve in their lives. When you have worked so hard to realize your ambitions, you’d think that the only way left for you to go is upwards, continuously soaring towards a path of success. However, in the case of Elora Hardy, that’s not all there is to living at all.

Hardy was once a very successful individual who worked in New York’s fashion scene. All the glitz and glamour that came along with some very deep pockets from her salary would have been enough for anyone to think that they can live a life of luxury already. Yet, she walked away from all of that.

It’s like she just decided to get up one day, let it all go and make a different path for herself. Of course, nobody expected it to be so drastic of a decision. What was left for her to do now that she just threw away an opportunity to live the American Dream?

The answer is actually quite a simple one: build bamboo houses. She embarked on a journey to Bali, along with a whole team to revolutionize the way people constructed bamboo houses. Quite a left-field career path, don’t you think?

According to Elora’s father, bamboo is a promise to children, a sustainable material which will always be around. After she saw many structures being built from bamboo, she immediately thought to go for such an endeavor, thus inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.

However, with bamboo being such a very effective renewable resource, it only made sense for her and her team to create housing from it. The material is sturdy yet also quite flexible, which means you can shape it anyway you want, so long as you got the tools to do so. That’s why you get to see a lot of bamboo houses in other parts of the world.

What makes bamboo such an interesting choice is that it combines a lot of the attributes that most construction workers love about their preferred materials. For example, bamboo has a strength to weight ratio that is equal to that of steel. It can handle a lot of weight, so to speak.