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Best 7 San Francisco Architectural Photographers

San Francisco architectural photographers are some of the best in the city. You don’t want to hire just any real estate photographer because they are usually amateur phtoographers interested in 50 shots in a few hours. The best architectural photographers can take many hours per shot coordinating the right sunlight on one side of the building, people in the right places, and lights on and off inside the building.  It often involves assistants, logistics and even some heavy labor (have you ever tried to move a steel bench for that perfect shot?).

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San Francisco is one of the hottest building construction spots in the USA, and below are the best San Francisco architectural photographers in the city based on our research.

#1 –  Vittoria Zupicich Photography

san francisco architectural photographers

Location: San Francisco, CA


Coming in #1 on our list, Vittoria was recently awarded first place by the American Photographic Artists, and Architectural Photographer of the year. Her portfolio includes many large projects (Salesforce Tower, Transbay Terminal, San Francisco Shipyard), campuses (Genentech), and offices (Google, Square). Given her recent awards, she’s our new #1 choice for  San Francisco architecture firms.



#2 – David Wakely Photography

san francisco architectural photographers

Location: San Francisco, CA Website: davidwakely

David Wakely is a trendy Architectural photographer in San Francisco. His work has been published in Architectural Record, Interior Design, Contract, Napa/Sonoma, and many others. He does architectural shoots for commercial, residential, and community properties. He is one of the famous San Francisco architectural photographers.


His portfolio of images features prominently in various prestigious books and publications, such as Architectural Record, Interior Design, Contract, San Francisco, Luxe Interiors + Design, and California Home + Design. His photographic journey extends to authoring books like “A Sense of Mission: Historic Churches of the Southwest,” “Markets of Provence: A Culinary Tour of Southern France,” “San Francisco: Points of View,” “Meditations On Design,” and “A Good House Is Never Done.” His photographic expeditions have taken him across numerous countries, including France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Japan, and extensively through the American Southwest.

#3 – DeNador Design & Photography

san francisco architectural photographers

Location: Sausalito, CA Website:

DeNador Design & Photography primarily focuses on creating marketing materials for businesses, including architecture and aerial photography. Their clients include big names like Marriott International, Hyatt Regency Maui, and many more. DeNador Design & Photography founder Dudley is not just a visual artist but also a skilled musician and vocalist, having released two albums featuring his original music. He is now incorporating some of his musical creations into videos. To experience Dudley’s musical talent, you can visit CD Baby at, or search for his project ‘The DeNadors’ on Spotify.

Both Dudley and Margaux DeNador are actively involved with West Coast Songwriters, a non-profit organization that operates across the West Coast. This organization offers a stage for local singer-songwriters to showcase their original compositions and compete for accolades in songwriting and performance during its monthly events. Presently, they are the co-managers of the San Rafael WCS chapter, which is hosted at the Yet Wah Restaurant in San Rafael, CA.


  • Kentfield Community Service Award
  • Graphic Design Award from PINC

#4 – Tim Griffith Photography

san francisco architectural photographers

Location: Australia Website:

Tim Griffith’s reputation speaks for itself. He has done high-profile projects for the Burj Khalifa & Beijing Capital International Airport plus publication work for Architectural Record and Metropolis. Born in Melbourne and operating from his studios in both San Francisco and Melbourne, Tim frequently travels for projects across Asia, Europe, and North America, collaborating with some of the most renowned design firms globally. His creative and visually striking photographs have found their way into numerous private and public art collections. These images are regularly featured in a variety of international design publications and are in high demand among corporate and advertising clients worldwide.


  • Architecture Photography Masterprize (Educational Exterior) Best of Best
  • Architecture Photography Masterprize (Commercial Exterior) Best of Best
  • Architecture Photography Masterprize (Educational Exterior) Winner


#5 – Sabrina Huang Photography & Video Production

san francisco architectural photographers

Location: San Francisco, CA Website:

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sabrina Huang is a talented photographer specializing in Architecture, Food, and Hospitality, as well as a Motion Videographer. She is known for her positive ‘YES’ approach and her adeptness at creative thinking and problem-solving.

A passionate traveler, Sabrina is always keen on learning new things and enjoys sharing photos of her adventures with others. Her work has gained recognition in several prominent publications. She has been featured multiple times in the World Journal Newspaper, the leading Chinese newspaper in the United States. Additionally, her photography of Eichler Homes has been displayed in the Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle’s blog “SFGate”, and in various editions of CA Modern magazine.

#6 – Eric Herrmann Photography

san francisco architectural photographers

Location: San Francisco, CA Website:

Want a space with a classy corporate feel? Get this guy. He has an extensive portfolio of work done for brands like Coca-Cola, Samsung, and even the financial district of San Francisco. Yes, architectural photography isn’t his only specialty, it’s almost everything!

Or, want to experience a highly upscale corporate atmosphere? Get this guy. He is one of the best San Francisco architectural photographers. His list of clients includes companies like Samsung, Coca-Cola, and even the San Francisco financial sector. He does practically anything, but his expertise is architectural photography.


Ericherrmann work is featured by a wide array of types of distinguished brands, such as:

Old Navy
Venables Bell and Partners
Goodby Silverstein and Partners
among various others.


#7 – Arthur Domagala

top 7 architecutral photographers arthurdomgala

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA Website:

Arthur Domagala stands out as a highly skilled San Francisco architectural photographer, offering specialized services in the Bay Area. His expertise extends beyond the realm of traditional photography, encompassing a diverse range of sectors including architecture, commercial ventures, industrial projects, and construction photography. As a prominent San Francisco architectural photographer, Arthur’s keen eye for detail and ability to capture the essence of creating a structure have made him a sought-after name in the industry.

His impressive client roster underscores his versatility and skill. This includes notable establishments such as the Black Oak Resort Hotel, showcasing his ability to capture the luxury and elegance of hospitality spaces. His work with Humboldt General Hospital in Nevada highlights his proficiency in presenting the functionality and design of healthcare facilities. Additionally, Arthur’s portfolio features assignments for clients such the Rockford Brewing Company, where he skillfully portrays the industrial aesthetics of the brewing process.


So, this is our list of the top 7 San Francisco Architectural Photographers.

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