17 Crazy Inventions of the Past That Thankfully Aren’t Around Anymore

Technology has gone a long way. But wait, if you think that today’s gadgets and gizmos are totally out this world, you have to think again. Back in the days, they did have some pretty crazy stuff going on too! Here’s 17 of those absurd gadgets and gizmos that thankfully, don’t exist anymore.

Goofy BikePhoto courtesy of Brightsidehttps://brightside.me/article/20-absurd-inventions-from-the-past-that-didnt-catch-on-88855/This is the Goofy Bike. Yes we agree that it is goofy looking, you do not need to point it out. What we’re trying to figure out is the purpose for this thing. Is it for sewing moms on the go? Or is it for moms who that want to sew while spending time with her kids at the same time?nextpage