Very Rare Historical Photos

Rare Historical Photos

Very Rare Historical Photos

Arnold Schwarzenegger making use of his body to amuse some elderly women

A happy chimpanzee holding the paper after his trip to space

In Giza, Louis Armstrong plays for his wife (1961)

Two German soldiers with their mule wearing gas masks while traveling (1916)

Muhammad Ali on training at the Sir John Hotel, Miami

U.S. Intelligence on Hitler’s hiding plans

1994: The CD-ROM was introduced in the market by Bill Gates

A face-off between the US tanks and the Soviet Union tanks at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin

Mugshot of Elvis Presley (1970)

Joseph and Magda Goebbels on their wedding day. Best man- Adolf Hitler, 1931

The Telefontornet in Stockholm

Prohibition ended (December 5th 1933)

In 1945, German POWs weep and sit in disgust as they watch a footage shot at one of the German concentration camps

Dog sitting atop a gun surrounded by gunners in France during WWI

Laika, the first dog in space but died in orbit

Women delivers ice (1918)

Robert Downey Jr. with Mike Tyson

Gas masks for babies tested at an English hospital (1940)

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