25 Tiniest Homes That Are Actually For Sale

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Tiniest Homes for sale

The smallest house in history is up next!

When you want to get a house for yourself, you’d never imagine it to be pretty small, right? You’d probably wonder how the homeowners insurance quotes are going to look if the house actually seemed like a cave dweller’s crib. However, we’re only exaggerating. You see, houses that are pretty tiny are all the rage right now. Everyone’s looking to downsize in order to make it easier for themselves, both for practical and functional reasons. Just take a look at this house, for instance. It looks pretty simple from the outside, and you really don’t need a whole lot of lavish-looking designs anyway. After all, you’re looking for a house, not a fashion accessory. However, we do have to say that maybe a coat of paint would give it a bit more of an identity. As far as spaciousness is concerned, it does offer enough comfort and room for you to live in. At the same time, it’s also small enough to be portable. Yes, you can bring your home anywhere with you nowadays. Say goodbye to that outdated RV and say hello to this wonderful achievement in architecture. What’s great about this home design is that the roof can actually reflect the rays of the sun during the winter. What that means is that you’ll still be keeping rather cool. There’s also enough structural support so as to prevent your house from falling down on you if ever snow accumulates way more than expected. We’d like to live here for some time, just to get a feel of it, but so far everything looks great. Move to next house by hitting the arrow

This cozy caravan in Oregon can’t compare to the next beauty.

Photo courtesy of atinyhouselistings.com
Photo courtesy of atinyhouselistings.com

There are a lot of things in life to appreciate. Not every single one of them has to be utterly lavish, though. You just need to make the best of what you got in order to truly savor each moment and learn how to love your surroundings. Trust us, keeping things simple is often the best way to go. Most people would probably spend a lot of money investing in a house which is loaded with lots of expensive furniture and overly stylish aesthetics. Not us. We’d want to keep it on the down low and just indulge in the simplest comforts.These homes have a slight resemblance to igloos which are made by the Inuit people. However, the major difference is that these are actually made of wooden tiles and cement. How’s that for secure and stable? This house also has a porthole window which makes it seem like you’re looking through from inside an underwater vessel. The house also offers two tiny rooms which so happen to be everything you will ever need to live comfortably. Of course, we’re pretty easy to please so we’d be glad to live here for as long as possible. Of course, we’d have to get some homeowners insurance quotes first just to make sure that we’re not making a bad decision.All in all, this house makes for a cozy place. Besides, when can you ever get the opportunity to say that you’re living the life of a hobbit? Admit it, this house looks pretty similar to Bilbo Baggins’ house, doesn’t it? Oh yes, you are definitely living out a J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy.

Low in maintenance, high in style.

The house was formerly a trailer that got a massive upgrade. It’s now equipped with a hot water heater, a steel roof as well as solar panels for efficient use of energy. If you’d like to have a house like this, you can get in touch with Clothesline Tiny Homes. They offer tiny house plans for downloading, as well as design consulting, if you ever need to have a customized house built from scratch.

This mini dwelling in Maine doesn’t compare to the next midevil castle.

Photo courtesy of tinyhouselistings.com
Photo courtesy of tinyhouselistings.com

We are pretty sure there are a lot of people out there who want nothing more than to live the simple life.  It sure could be nice to be part of such a community, where everything is not complicated, and you would only get to appreciate the quietness of your surroundings, as well as being in the company of like-minded people.  There’s absolutely no hassle to be dealt with.  Besides, wouldn’t you want to grab the opportunity just to get away from it all?  We are pretty sure all that stress from your day to day routines is starting to catch up to you.

In the middle of nowhere.

Well, isn’t this nice? You got a home that’s right in the middle of a practically empty field. That’s always a nice venue if you want to get away from it all. This home, however, was formerly a trailer, which is pretty apparent from its exterior. It does, however, have living space, a small wood stove, a storage area as well as a guest bedroom. You know, just in case you feel a little too lonely without any company.

The Bayside Bungalow

Located near the Puget Sound in Washington, the name itself is pretty appropriate.  It’s equipped with an RV-style water heater if you want to take a shower or make a cup of coffee.  It’s also got electricity for you modern folks who can’t be bothered to relax without any hint of technology in your surroundings.  It may have wheels, but that’s only for display purposes, so no, it isn’t portable.

One with nature.

This looks like a nice spot in the middle of the woods, doesn’t it? It just makes for a great, relaxing place to be in. As small as the actual house may be, you might appreciate that it’s got a balcony. This would provide you with enough room to just look around and even get a whiff of fresh air whenever you’re feeling troubled or are in need of some rejuvenation.

A shack by the countryside.

This house is located in West Virginia, making it an ideal spot for countryside warmth and solace. It doesn’t have any electricity, which is good if you want to take breaks from modern civilization. It relies on oil lamps and a small stove to provide light and heat, respectively. If it rains, the roof collects the water, which can then be used for you to shower with.

Now this is what I call finding a diamond in the rough.

This house is just the most adorable thing ever. Nestled in between a typical, suburban neighborhood in Minneapolis, sits this tiny home. It is placed within an alleyway of two other homes, but it pack just as much coziness

Great view.

This is the kind of spot that you should be heading out to.  It gives you a feeling of isolation while appreciating the beauty of nature surrounding you.  Sure, it may look like a regular shack on the outside, but it gives you all the basic needs.  It also has a boardwalk, which means you can dip your toes in the water every time you want to admire the sunset.

Talk about minimalist. Minimalist doesn’t have to be small, though, as our next one shows quite well.

25 Tiniest Homes

We have already covered a lot of tiny houses in this article, but the truth is, we are just getting started. Who knows how much love we have got for these rather small residential properties? We are just fawning all over them for their simplicity, aside from the fact that they provide us with the kind of comfort that we could never have, were we living in a larger housing option. Sure, we’d have the place all to ourselves, but do you really need all those bragging rights when you just want to live in peace and solitude? We think not.  Hence, we would love to showcase this house to the rest of you. This was actually featured in the highly renowned New York Times. Built by Derek Diedricksen, the “Gypsy Bunker” is a rather simplistic affair that offers a unique charm. The interesting thing about it is that it was actually made out of kitchen cabinets that were no longer in use, combined with storm windows and shipping pallets that were discarded. The result is a rather avant-garde piece of property that is fit for one person, yet offers an eclectic design which also leads to sensory satisfaction and relaxation.It is also pretty affordable. Going in for just $1200, you won’t be looking far and wide for homeowners insurance quotes with this one. It proves to be a great deal, especially for folks who don’t want overly complicated homes that gives them more excess instead of actual coziness.

Low cost construction at its most stylish.

This home is pretty small, yet you couldn’t tell by the looks of it from an outside perspective.  It actually offers more on the inside.  You can expect a fire place, a full kitchen and a bathroom.  You can also have a bedroom installed, which expands the space to just 356 square feet, a good enough total area for solitary individuals.

Texan simplicity.

This house is located in Round Top, Texas. That makes it rather unusual, considering the rather Victorian-esque aesthetic of it. It only measures 12 x 26 feet, yet it also contains a lot of perks. Such would include a sleeping loft, a bathroom, a full kitchen, a built-in couch and a shower with river rock flooring.

All the space you’ll ever need.

This is what we would consider the ideal house for the single person. It’s small, sure, but it offers enough space for you to get around. Aside from the fact that it’s got a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, it even has a patio section in the front. How’s that for a nice time in relaxation for you?

Welcome to the caravan.

The tiny house is actually a wagon that is outfitted with everything you could ever hope for. This includes a full size bed, a wood burning stove, as well as a folding table. It can actually provide accommodation for up to 4 people. You can be free to move it around wherever you like, depending on your recreational activities too, such as fishing, hiking or stargazing.

Getting the prairie feels.

photo courtesy of countryliving
photo courtesy of countryliving

Slipping it in and out.

More typical than expected.

Wild West vibes.

All the essentials — including a hot tub. You think this is immobile? Check out the next one.

When we say tiny house, we don’t necessarily mean that there are specific dimensions to be followed.  Yes, they are small, but the term is quite subjective.  For some, small means being able to accommodate just one person.  To others, it’s a little more complicated.  They may provide enough space for you to roam around in without having to get you all worked up in sweat.  Nonetheless, regardless of your personal views, we still love having tiny homes to live in.  It just makes everything easier to manage.  Yes, that even includes a lot less effort in searching for really good homeowners insurance quotes.

Beauty in simplicity.

25 Tiniest Homes that are for sale

If you asked us to choose between living in a mansion and this, we would easily go for this any day of the week.  At least everything we’ll ever need will still be within our reach.  Yes, keeping it basic is sometimes a good thing. Read more here.

Colorful trailers look great but aren’t quite as practical as the next trailer.

The great thing about having your own home is that you get free reign on designing it however you wish to.  Now, when you invest in a home, sometimes it comes pre-built, with some of the furnishings already done.  Then again, once you’ve looked for homeowners insurance quotes, found a good price and went with it, you are essentially the actual owner already, which means you can do with your house however you see fit.  You know what’s easier, though?  Designing a tiny house according to your preferences.

Here’s a taste of the future.

Living in laundry.

We never thought anybody would be crazy enough to turn a laundry room into an actual liveable space.  However, that’s what happened with this spot designed by Christy Azevedo.  It only measures 88 square feet, which would seem just a little too small.  Yet, it’s got a second floor, which is where the bedroom is, and brick walls which add some classic aesthetic to it.

Who needs a big-sized bungalow?

What about a tiny island to go with that tiny house of your’s!

Cabin for two?

How about that classic San Francisco house… Mini-form!

Slim looking house, isn’t it?

The YOLO Cabin

That good ol’ Florida charm.

This house in Sarasota, Florida, is practically a house of collectibles.  It’s got antique linens, accessories which have been weathered over time, vintage enamelware, and many other interesting stuff.  Yet, despite its contents, it still spacious enough, providing enough room at just 1,375 square feet.  Every obsessive compulsive person will think this is heaven on earth, so to speak.

A bigger doghouse.

This looks like it was made for you and your pet.  The exterior has that classic log cabin look to it.  This makes it pretty ideal for a rest house while you’re on vacation, although it does its job well of being a home for one.  It’s also pretty roomy, despite the facade, so to speak, with a kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom for your convenience.

This hanging rainforest pod is nice, but it’s too bad that it’s only one color. The next house has more color than its tiny frame can handle.

Sometimes it’s good to just hang out in the forest and be one with nature.  We all need to relax every now and then, just basking in the natural sounds that emit all around us, such as the raindrops on leaves, animals in the distance, birds chirping in the trees, and every beautiful little thing that you get to observe in the great outdoors.  Of course, you would hope to be more comfortable by having a home in such a spot, one which you could call your own.  Doesn’t seem possible, you say?  Start looking for homeowners insurance quotes because we just found one.

Have you ever wished to seclude yourself from all the annoying people and situations in your life?  Don’t you just often want to take time for yourself to be away from it all, allowing for some revitalization of your mind and spirit?  It’s actually quite good for you to just get away every now and then.  Of course, since you don’t always have that luxury, you might as well look for a spot where you can just settle and not have to accommodate anyone but yourself.  Wouldn’t that be nice? Now, if we could just find ourselves some affordable homeowners insurance quotes, that would be really sweet.

Or how about this for the future of houses… Back to the Future!

This midevil Castle Villa is one of a kind. The next ones look like an army of tiny houses.

It is not very often you get to see people maximize the entire look of a rather small home.  For the most part, tiny homes are kept simplistic as far as aesthetics are concerned.  To some homeowners, what matters is that the interior’s vibe exudes a welcoming and cozy feel to it.  While we believe this to matter a lot, sometimes thinking outside of the box can really make a huge difference when it comes to home exteriors.  It will surely give us enough reason to look for the most affordable homeowners insurance quotes just so we could live there.

Little house on the prairie? The next home is a bit closer to civilization, whether you like that or not.

Talk about a huge conversion.

This Arizona Houselet looks a little too dry. The next slide moves up in latitude.

We love tiny homes.  Just one look at them and we already know that we will be in for a cozy fun time.  Who needs a lot of the extra space when you can just have an entire home all to yourself?  You don’t have to worry about multiple floors, going up and down and also doing a bit of extra walking from one spot to another.  If you are living all by yourself, why deal with such?  It is totally unnecessary.  You can just have everything within your reach, right?  That’s why tiny homes are so popular nowadays.  Heck, most people don’t even have to look for such high homeowners insurance quotes, because these are affordable and practical residential options.

Post-Katrina Shelter

When Hurricane Katrina hit, a lot of people lost their homes. However, they can afford to get this, which is small as it is budget-friendly. It was designed to be the perfect solution for people looking to get shelter during that rather unfortunate calamity. Measuring only 308 feet, it means you’ll have everything you need within arm’s reach.

The best way to recycle a schoolbus is to turn it into a moving home. But why move when you can settle down with a view like the next slide?

Isn’t it amusing that you can practically build anything you want from scraps?  All you need is a ton of imagination, really, and everything else is left to skills & craftsmanship.  Some people manage to get some good ideas, realize them and create something that the rest of the world has never seen.  Simply put, an artist’s mind is one that can really be full of unrealized potential, and you only need to find the means to release all those ideas.  We can  say the same for homes, especially tiny houses.  The sky’s the limit as to what these look like and what they’re made of, really.

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