11 Secret Doorways You Should Have in Your Home

Need to make sure you study in peace?

11 Secret Doorways in your home

It’s not exactly a closet door to Narnia, but it’s cabinet door that leads to your bedroom! Good enough!

And in the bathroom… there’s a spa!

If Harry Potter had this, he wouldn’t want to go to Hogwarts at all!

Ever heard of a sliding door? How about a sliding book case?

Getting more and more popular with home owners, you should consider making something like this too

“What? Don’t be silly, those weren’t footsteps in the attic”

Okay, who wouldn’t like this? That extra crawlspace can literally be somewhere you can just chill out without having the kids knocking on your door!

Another example of a bookcase being used as a door

No one will ever know you were here at all! Good for freaking your friends out!

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