Top 15 Of The Coolest Offices Around The Globe

ThinkGarden – Milan, ItalyPhoto courtesy of: inc a certain amount of envy will be felt.
While most offices would rather use gray for most of their interior design, sticking to what has been the office norm since well – forever, there has recently been an upsurge of other companies that think otherwise. Some offices actually encourage color in the office by creating a surprisingly fun environment, leaving the employees actually content and happy. While most of us think of vomiting when headed to the office, the inhabitants of these offices legitimately consider the office as their second home! Can’t blame them though. I would love to even live at my office if it made eating a #1 priority like at one Google office where it is almost impossible to be 100 meters away from food. Or at Youtube where you could swim, flex your abs at the gym or even get a full body massage ALL during office-hours.
We would like to believe that these company’s introduced this type of environment with full confidence that this will increase the effectiveness and even tenure of most employees. Although it might already be visible that with these cool offices, you immediately see how the energetic vibe and colorful environment affects the company’s output. Check our top 15 legitimately coolest offices from around the globe in no particular order because they’re all just way too cool!
The whole office is designed to look and even feel like an actual forest, recreating nature with large plants, flowers, stone shaped bean bags, actual trees. Talk about a refreshing environment to work in!nextpage

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