Taking a Gander at the Best Airport Lounges in the World

Virgin Atlantic JFK Clubhouse, John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York)Photo courtesy of Departureshttp://www.departures.com/worlds-top-airport-loungesIf you asked, every single person would agree that they love to travel. It is universal. Whether it would be the opportunity to visit a foreign country in hopes of experiencing all the different sights and sounds that would make for a memorable journey for an entire lifetime or simply just to get away from all the stresses that haunt you in your daily living, leaving the comforts of home to find new people, places, and things is always a welcome experience. We vividly recall fond memories of trips to countries like the Philippines, Singapore, France and many others (which just counts as one of our many perks with this job… yes, we are THAT cool) that provide the types of memories and life experiences that we will never forget.
Of course, you still have to pack. Ugh, it is the worst part of travel. Having to make sure you are bringing all your goodies and items you might need, “just in case” you experience extreme weather or a surprise fancy dinner. Once you are fully packed though, and you have gone through security at the airport, life is bliss. To make the situation even more beautiful and easy, big airliners have created stunning world-class lounges for all the frequent flyers and business travelers willing to spend a little extra to get that extra cushy treatment while waiting for their flight. There are tons of lounges all around the world which have, in a sense, turned into a vacation experience all by themselves, especially with their dazzling aesthetics and design. This is the list of our very favorite airport lounges around the world.nextpage

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