The Most Ambitious and Beautiful Projects from Dubai that Will Have Your Eyes Popping

We all know Dubai to be one of the most forward country, at least in the architectural sense. The country is filled with many man made developments that have awed every visitor that decides to come over to the city. Who wouldn’t be amazed with the country has to offer? As each building and place has been planned to look a certain way, with the idea to pull in as many investors and tourists to tour around the city and hand over money.
Today, we’ll be listing five of the most ambitious projects to grace the city.

1. Dubailand


Started in the early 2000 and is still is under construction, this theme park is said be an amalgamation of different theme parks in one concentrated place. It will be twice the size of Walt Disney World Resort, the theme park has been on and off works. With 2008 putting the plans on halt, however construction has been resumed as of 2012.

2. Jumeirah Garden City

 Jumeirah Garden City

This plan for a multi functional area has been set for 2015 plan for Dubai, wherein they create areas fit for office, residential space and several places of business to attract willing consumers and investors alike. The area is said to be over nine million square meters in space.

3. Dubai International City

A country themed space, Dubai International City spreads over 8 hectares of land with each part converted to look like certain countries of the world. The following countries incorporated are: Morocco, China, England, France, Persia, Greece, Russia, Spain, Italy and the Emirates. Flood control has been an issues in this area and despite its beautiful structure has been found to have many problems.

4. Al Maktoum International Airport

Or AMIA for short will be made as a logistic and residential area, the airport has a capacity of 12 tonnes and has been the main point for almost all airlines upon completion. Operation started in June 27, 2010.

5. Arabian Canal

Developed by the company Limitless, the Arabian Canal will start at Dubai Marina where it will eventually intercept along Al Maktoum International Airport before connecting to the sea. The structure is over 75 km long and with tidal control to keep the area from flooding. Yachts of up to 40 feet are able to navigate through.

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