12 Houses That Will Make You Want to Be a Hobbit

The Rabbit Hole

These hobbit houses were actually built straight into the ground, according to Tolkien's books. Hence, it's also quite refreshing to see one that resembles it from the ground up. These are not just environmental-friendly, but also rather appealing as housing options. Earthships, as they’re often called, have been around for quite some time, but to see one that’s the splitting image of Bilbo Baggins’ house is pretty surreal.

The Mysterious Door County Mushroom House

There’s not a whole lot that’s known about this dwelling place. Located in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, it actually resembles something that’s straight out of the LOTR movie set. It’s got a pretty whimsical look to it, although considerably drab compared to most hobbit houses in the Shire. Care to move in here and figure out the origins of this place by yourself?