25 Unbelievably Tiny Homes

Little house on the prairie? Click next for the urban version.

The lifesaver is only for decorative purposes with this house. In the middle of the mountains, there are few people who need saving via a flotation device. Instead, the orange plastic serves as a bright wreath to accentuate the contrasting color of the door against the wooden sides of the house. The porch is complete with a barbecue grill and other cages and traps required for living alone in the wilderness. Windows on the top of the house allow natural light to seep into the cozy dwelling.

Ever hotbox a HOUSE? The next one’s EVEN TINIER!

OK, so this may not be the Texan beauty you were imagining. And though the photo was hard to take, this REALLY is the whole house. The photographer has his back up against the wall and is standing on a table. This is all he could get in the shot. It’s that tiny.

Colorado baby cabin. Glass on the next slide.

Colorado is the best place to hotbox. Truly, it is. For the stoner on the go this is a great place to stop for a toke (don’t smoke and drive folks!). And where better to spark up than in the great outdoors of a fully legalized state? Perhaps the next tiny home. It’s got a view thats gonna blow your mind.

Speaking of a home garden…

This house is just the most adorable thing ever. Nestled in between a typical, suburban neighborhood in Minneapolis, sits this tiny home. It is placed within an alleyway of two other homes, but it pack just as much coziness

A UFO LANDED IN SOMEBODY’S YARD! (Still not as strange as the next fantasy)

These homes resemble the igloos that the Inuit people build, only made of cement and wooden tiles. The porthole window also lends a slightly nautical feeling to the design. This tiny home shows that two rooms are all you need to be happy with your home. I can’t shake the feeling that if erosion eventually covers this home in dirt and grass, the result would look like something out of a J.R.R. Tolkien book.

Grey on the outside, explosion of color on the inside. More pics next up

Owning your own home is great because you can paint the thing however you want. This tiny home rocks a purple staircase, a blue roof, pink beams and green window sills. Solar panels on the roof provide an environmentally friendly and financially efficient method to generate electricity, certainly more than enough to power this tiny home. As long as they aren’t covered in snow, that is.

This tree house got nothin’ on the next texan beauty.

Only 216 square feet in total area, you can practically fit everything you’ll ever need inside without a problem. However, it does have wheels, which makes it easy for you to move out anytime you want. If the scenery’s getting too boring for you, or if there are some unwanted noises going on around, just get up and leave. Read more up next.

This mini home can’t stack up to the next one (literally a modern castle)

This is a great spot to pick if you’re just all about you and nobody else. If you’re not in the mood to get unwanted visits from friends and relatives, this 273 square foot micro home should keep them away from staying over. Privacy is the name of the game, and you’ll have tons of it all to yourself. If you want to know more, read the details here.

Check out this private island home!

So this tiny home comes complete with its own tiny island! Talk about secluding yourself. This house comes complete with everything you would need in your own house: a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living area. And get this, you can even name the island anything you want! What it does not have is a garage… Because you will need a boat.

A house isn’t complete without a porch. Even the next igloos have one.

We don’t understand how this home is even so tiny. Where is the kitchen? Where is the bathroom? Is there only one room? Most importantly, with so little room, why did they decide to use so much to build a porch? The garden underneath the porch is a great touch. Despite its tiny size, this is definitely a beautiful home.

Build into a hill? The next one’s built into a tree.

These homes resemble the igloos that the Inuit people build, only made of cement and wooden tiles. The porthole window also lends a slightly nautical feeling to the design. This tiny home shows that two rooms are all you need to be happy with your home. I can’t shake the feeling that if erosion eventually covers this home in dirt and grass, the result would look like something out of a J.R.R. Tolkien book.

Oh Bouy is That a Small Home! (Click on for more puns)

This house is perfect for that California sun, surf, and sand. It comes complete with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living space. According to the specs, it is also portable too. That will come in handy when you are heading to the closest beach to get your tan on.

And now we enter the future!

This house might just be the future of housing! Do not be fooled; it may look weird, but it is just as much cool and cozy! The house comprises of eight boxes… Each of them being a different room! How cool is that?

Or how about this for the future of houses…

So what this house comes complete with is a full-fledged living room. But that is just about it. But hey, you can totally just put this in the backyard of your Beverly Hills mansion!

Don’t like this rainforest pod? Click on for cooler colors.

Some people never grow up. Many people had tree houses when they were young, but here some decide to go to the extreme and have one custom built in the forest. This pod is suspended among the canopy and requires a trip across the bridge for access. This forest dwelling is safe from animals on the ground and must have a pretty great view. It also kind of resembles a space pod at the launching platform.

Recycled schoolbus?

This is one we’ve never seen before. The tiling on the side and windowsill plants give this tiny home a very traditional feeling. And was it built out of a school bus? Or rather, into a school bus? Unlike a school bus, this home doesn’t look like it will be making many stops, but instead is one that will live a more sedentary life. The stairs and windowsill plants give me the sense that this wouldn’t be great idea while driving on the highway.

All the essentials — including a hot tub.

This house is one of the bigger of our tiny houses, though it still manages to squeeze a lot into such a small space. A hot tub attached to the side of the house provides a warm spot to chill in during the fall as the temperature starts to drop. A slanted roof ensures that snow doesn’t pile too high, and a chimney allows for a warm fire during the coldest of winter nights (not sure how safe lighting a fire in this house is, though).

What the Cliff? (unlike the next one…guess which movie it’s from)

architectural trend
architectural trend

Oversize load? This house is tiny! The wooden structure is just begging to be painted and customized. It is large enough to provide comfortable room, but still small enough to be portable. Replace your outdated RV and throw this guy on a trailer and plop it down wherever you so choose (as long as it’s legal, that is). A mental roof is great for reflecting the sun’s rays in the winter to keep the house cool, as well as good structural support to fight piling snow.

While still technically a tiny home, we can’t help but get a castle vibe from this one. There’s just something so grand about the balcony and grey stone walls. Amidst an alpine forest, this home stands in relative isolation, away from the bright lights and loud sounds of inconsiderate neighbors. A solar panel on the roof powers a lot of the electricity for this miniature mid evil structure.

Rent in San Francisco is just getting out of hand.

Look how tiny this house is! Is it not just the most adorable thing ever! I am getting a very San Francisco, turn-of-the-century type of feel from this house. It comes complete with one bedroom, one bathroom, one kitchen, and about half a living area. And hey, you can even put a pool in the back. Great Gatsby anyone?

Minimalist can be small, like this, or large, like the next tiny home.

Built by Derek Diedricksen, this was actually featured in The New York Times. Known as the “Gypsy Junker”, it’s made from kitchen cabinets that were discarded, shipping pallets and storm windows no longer in use. At just a price of $1200, this is a great deal for people who want to live the simple life.

Not a fan of triangles? The next glass home is a bit more conventional.

Measuring 312 square feet, this is as cozy as you can ever hope it to be in a place like Arizona. Everything around you is already quiet and devoid of chaos that the big city usually brings. Besides, you wouldn’t want to be bothered by your landlord, and this place right here certainly ensures that.

Cabin for Two?

So the last tiny house up for sale is this cozy cabin. Head to the intimate twilight woods to spend some much-needed time with your loved one. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to just be at peace. Tiny houses serve more than a place to live, they serve as a place to love.

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