This Tiny House Will Amaze You More Than You Would Expect



Chris Heininge is no stranger to design and architecture. Coming from a family of artists, designers, and gifted craftsmen, he and his mother were able to draft and eventually create the Tiny House designs. Adding to his inspiration, Chris once worked as a Christian Missionary, traveling to various South-East Asian countries like India, Hong Kong and Japan, where he eventually coming across Japanese home design. Having built and remodeled a few, the simplistic but undeniably beautiful design of Japanese living quarters serves as one of Chris’ core themes in designing the Tiny House.


The Tiny House is able to be built on temporary land and may also be bolted to a permanent foundation. Chris offers shipping although at the buyers expense although in a few months, floor plans will be available to purchase on his website, giving you the opportunity to build this home yourself! For more information check out his website!

The Loft

Reaching to 12ft at its highest point, the Tiny House offers you a loft that you could stand up in, plus a few more cupboards and drawers beside the headboard, which also offers a small storage space. And did we forget to mention that it is designed for a queen sized bed? Amazing!


In achieving the true fashion of space maximization, they were able to include several drawers under the stairs, even going as far as including an electric fireplace to warm the place during those cold nights.

View of the side with unique window panels

The Japanese design inspiration is evident even on the windows.

Jacuzzi Bathtub and Shower

Need we say any more?

Front view with the mini porch

Here are the several parts and rooms of the magnificently designed Tiny House


Having returned to his home town of Aurora, Oregon in 1995, he started getting experience on the craft of home making. And only after 4 years, with the push of his childhood friend, eventually built his first Tiny House, following it up with a 2nd one 7 years later.


Fusing contemporary design and good ol’ man biceps, designer Chris Heininge has transformed 280 square feet of floor area into a luxurious tiny house that you’d have to see to believe. Complete with anything you could ever need in a house, he has managed to create the living space with an aesthetically pleasing design, all the while effectively utilizing every inch of the tiny house. For the low cost of $70,000.00, the Tiny House is also cheaper to heat, cool, and maintain, and was designed to tremendously reduce environmental impact. The house could function as your own living space, a guest house, or provide you with rental income!

Living Room

Upon entering the tiny house, you are greeted with a comfortable and cozy vibe, perfect for relaxation after a long days work.


We live in a time where living in a regular sized house is almost a luxury for most of the population. Where renting costs just as much or sometimes even more than owning a house, add your every day expenses in maintaining the house as well as maintaining yourself. Luckily, we also live in a time where the current advances in technology has paved the way for the return of the lone craftsman to his hammer and nails. The new era is experiencing an upward trend of independent designers and architects with interesting concepts and themes in design and production methods, all aimed towards efficiency, high-quality and functionality at ultimately low costs. And this designer has achieved just that, even more.

Dining and Kitchen Area

Ergonomically designed, the dining room and kitchen is adjacent to the living room. The kitchen and dining area come complete with kitchen appliances and a flat screen TV.

LED lights and Large Windows

In addition to the large glass windows letting natural light in, the entire house is lighted by low-cost and efficient LED’s.light

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