10 Buildings That Don't Look Like Buildings

Ever wonder what other buildings in other country looks like? Well look no more for today, we’ll bombard you with eye candy that’ll make you wish you belong in that place in particular.

The Lookout, Scotland

Designed by two architectural design students from Strathclyde University, the idea was to help tourist frame up the beautiful scenery. The maximum it can hold is only three people! You must admit, it does accentuate the scenery around it. I wonder what it would be like to have an entire house made out of this material!? You would have an invisible house!

The Invisible Tower

The tower is constructed and seemingly "invisible" due to their use of a bunch of LED cameras and projectors, which will capture the area around the tower and merge the images to create a giant display across the facade of the tower itself. To anyone looking directly at the tower, the projected images will make the building seem see-through.