The Top Ten Tallest Vanity Heights Around The Globe

Rose Tower, Dubai, UAE: 96m (315ft) of VanityPhoto courtesy of: wikipedia the rapid expanding of population growth along with the likewise rapid development and expansion of cities, the only way to go is up. World wide, man has begun to construct incredible feats of engineering and architecture in order to cope with the city space deprivation but question is – how much of these buildings are actually useable? Recently, there has been a revelation leaned towards the space-wasting of some of the tallest and most grand buildings built on earth. Vanity Height is simple “the distance between a skyscraper’s highest occupiable floor and its architectural top.”. The term was coined by the worlds leading authority on skyscrapers, The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH for short). A research was performed in order to reveal the empty, unoccupied, unnecessary “vanity” space atop the world’s tallest towers, leading to surprising results like how almost all were built after the turn of the century.
We’ve collected the top 10 most wasteful vanity heights around the globe!
The original design of the structure set its height to be around 1,247 ft tall but due construction difficulties, it was lowered to a mere 315 ft of vanity – roughly around 25% of the originally planned height.nextpage

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