The Top Ten Tallest Vanity Heights Around The Globe

Rose Tower, Dubai, UAE: 96m (315ft) of VanityPhoto courtesy of: wikipedia the rapid expanding of population growth along with the likewise rapid development and expansion of cities, the only way to go is up. World wide, man has begun to construct incredible feats of engineering and architecture in order to cope with the city space […]

The Masters Of Knock-offs Have Set Their Eyes On World Famous Architecture

Even going as far as entire cities. If you haven’t noticed how Chinese companies are excellent at cloning almost every single product known to mankind, you must be living in another universe. They have copied everything from smartphones, sneakers, designer bags, toys and even food. Over the last few years, Chinese architecture firms have slowly […]

The World’s Worst Buildings (The Top 20 List Nobody Wants to Be On)

The Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang, North KoreaIn the architectural industry, it is all about prestige and coming up with the most innovative, modern and beautiful designs. Face it, there are a few firms that get all the work and if you aren’t coming up with top notch creative ideas, you aren’t going to be able to […]

10 Buildings That Don’t Look Like Buildings

Ever wonder what other buildings in other country looks like? Well look no more for today, we’ll bombard you with eye candy that’ll make you wish you belong in that place in particular. The Lookout, ScotlandPhoto courtesy of: Processacraft by two architectural design students from Strathclyde University, the idea was to help tourist frame up […]

15 Futuristic Architecture Projects?

Capital Hill Residence, RussiaNaomi Campbell, supermodel girlfriend of Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin, certainly received a unique and special gift — a holiday retreat in Barvikha, Russia. Not exactly a deal your everyday mortgage adviser could have arranged. Doronin hired Zaha Hadid Architects to design a residence resembling a space ship straight out of a science […]

Top 15 Of The Coolest Offices Around The Globe

ThinkGarden – Milan, ItalyPhoto courtesy of: inc a certain amount of envy will be felt. While most offices would rather use gray for most of their interior design, sticking to what has been the office norm since well – forever, there has recently been an upsurge of other companies that think otherwise. Some offices actually […]

25 Of The Most Awesome Pools Around The Globe

The Pool at the Katikies Hotel – Santorini, GreecePhoto courtesy of: rojaksite.com a cocktail and come along while we travel to the most immaculate and stunning places in the world – to take a dip in the pool. We have recently found out about various pools around that globe that just leave you with jaws […]

The Dubai Mall: What It’s Like Inside the Planet’s Biggest Mall

Even on the outside, the place is jam packed with people.Photo courtesy of Business Insider you ever decide to go on a vacation you might want to consider heading off to Dubai.  Not only is it a prime spot for many tourists all over the world with it various attractions, it also happens to be […]

Beautiful Churches from Around the World: You Have To See, to Believe!

Thorncrown Chapel (Eureka Springs, AR, USA)Churches are structures meant to be places of worship dedicated to various religious sectors, the most common being that of Christianity. The following are some of the world’s most beautiful churches, picked up from across the globe. You feel a little faith come back to you after seeing these wonderful […]

From Russia with Love: 6 of Russia’s Best Projects in the 21st Century

4.) The Fisht Stadium in Sochi has a rather unique design to it, especially with its curves, giving the impression of a rather gigantic shell creature. Nonetheless, it also manages to accommodate 40,000 screaming fans for sporting events such as the 2014 Winter Olympics.Photo courtesy of ArchDaily