13 Houses that Give a Whole New Definition of the Word “Fun”

Celine Dion’s Waterpark Photo courtesy of weburbanisthttp://weburbanist.com/2013/04/29/private-playgrounds-13-amazingly-fun-houses/Just when you thought you were living it up in your home with all your gaming consoles, books and other forms of entertainment, you haven’t seen anything yet.  Architects and interior designers surely have gathered minds to come up with some of the wackiest ideas put to reality, and a lot of folks are so pleased with the idea of having more than enough fun in their homes, we decided to check out what you’re missing out on.  If you get any ideas, and have the budget for it, go right ahead.  If not, feel free to get envious anytime.  We don’t mind.
Holding up to 500,000 gallons of water for her very own personal aquatic playground, this is definitely as lavish as it gets.nextpage

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