Architectural Innovation: Buildings That Look Like Smartphones

You’ve got to hand it to modern architects; they sure do know how to create something interesting out of just about any idea that enters their minds. Whoever thought that it would be impressive to see buildings that take on the same shapes as the mobile phones that we use on a daily basis? Well, whoever individual was responsible for the realization of such an idea deserves a pat on the shoulder, because there is nothing more amusing, at the same time, awe-inspiring than such sights, as you can see with the pictures provided below.

The Cellphone Building in Kunming, China

This Cellphone Building in Kunming, China, is anything but noticeable.  It serves as a distinct contrast to all the grey tones of the city skyline, making it such a welcome sight.

The "Crazy" John Phone Tower

The Crazy John Phone Tower in Australia measures nearly 395 feet high, which is pretty big for a “cellular phone.”