31 Campers That Changed Roadtrips Forever

A camper with an auto cover to keep the bugs out.

See the next camper that you can hook on any car or truck

A camper set up like this gives such warm summer vibes. There is absolutely nothing dreadful about this, so to speak. The colors, the atmosphere, it just reeks of serenity, calm and worry-free living. We’d like one like this, please.You alone can choose which state you identify with. Love the beaches of California? You can decide to live there for as long as you want. Now in the mood for some a more seasonal location? Drive across the country and pop into the New England area to spend springtime. Just make sure you get that license plate renewed.

A Tent for Grown Ups

Never grew out of camping out in the backyard in a tent? Don't worry, campers are kind of like tents for grown ups. We graduate from flimsy tarp and canvas and rope to a full fledged metal and wooden engine with the power to move places. Some people, it seems, can't let go of that certain feeling they get from tents and have decided to keep their campers looking a little like their childhood memories.

Essential living only

Ahh...the bare necessities. There's something truly freeing about not having to worry about the stuff you need to buy -- there just won't be enough room in your home. Just focus on the important things, carry them with you at all times, and get gratifying experiences rather than material possessions.

All of life’s simple pleasures in a single spot.

This camper certainly has a lot to offer. All the vivid colors of the furniture lends to a very happy and optimistic outlook. You can definitely enjoy staying here for as long as possible without ever thinking about the concrete jungle.

The View

Hard to build a house with a better view than a camper. Living in a camper is like living in those sci-fi movies where the window changes based on the person's preference. Depending on how you feel when you wake up in the morning, you choose what you see when you look out the window. All you have to do is drive there.

Name Your Home

How many people get to name their home and be able to live judgement free? Well, that would either be someone with no neighbors, or someone who lives in a camper. It looks like this camper's owner has both of those boxes ticked, and has decided to proudly emblazon the name of the camper on its side in a beautiful popping red that works well with the rest of the aesthetic.