The World's Worst Buildings (The Top 20 List Nobody Wants to Be On)

Ever wondered what the what the world’s worst, most impractical buildings are? Well, here they are. Somehow they’ve managed to survive for years or decades and have become a tourist attraction for some, and a nightmare for those who actually have to work or live in them?

15 Futuristic Architecture Projects? Call Your Mortgage Adviser and Visit These Sites Now!

Looking for a home renovation or fun architecture project but always thought it was too expensive or out of reach? Call your mortgage advisor to discover how easy a futuristic home renovation could be. These 15 projects listed will give you ideas and inspiration on how to kick-start your new project today.

10 Buildings That Don't Look Like Buildings

Wouldn’t it be amazing to just get away from the world whenever you want? These awesome buildings allow anyone to do that. Camouflaged perfectly, you may have to take awhile to find where they are located.

The Masters Of Knock-offs Have Set Their Eyes On World Famous Architecture

If you haven't noticed how Chinese companies are excellent at cloning almost every single product known to mankind, you must be living in another universe. They have copied everything from smartphones, sneakers, designer bags, toys and even food. Over the last few years, Chinese architecture firms have slowly started to copy a few iconic buildings, monuments and even entire cities!

15 Gravity Defying Buildings, Only 1 Has Fallen

These amazing buildings wouldn’t seem able to withstand on their own, but surprisingly they do. Some people even go to such lengths as living in them! Out of all 25 of these buildings, only one has fallen. Continue reading to see which ones made it, and those that didn’t.

Architectural Innovation: Buildings That Look Like Smartphones

Nowadays, we are always on our smartphones. They’re everywhere and being used for everything, including office space. Check out these incredible buildings that look a little something like the cellular device in your pocket.

The Top 100 Architecture Firms in the U.S.

Want to be an architect and have your homes and buildings featured on this site? The first step is to get your degree and start interviewing at firms around the country. This list gives you a look at the top 100 firms in the US for you to choose from.