What Baby Furniture You Absolutely Need for a Nursery

Baby furniture can be pricy, and new parents often find themselves overwhelmed at the variety of products on the market. After all, new parents just want the best, safest options for their newborns and infants, right? Check out what pieces of furniture Natalie Myers considers absolute essentials, and what items didn’t make the cut! The results may shock you!

Jenny Lind crib that Myers recommends. The first item on Myers’ list is a classic: a crib. Here are her thoughts on picking the right crib without wasting money: “I feel that a simple model such as the Jenny Lind is just right. You don't really need the convertible versions that change from a crib to a toddler bed to a full size bed. Most of them look awkward in their non-crib forms. They are more expensive than the basic crib models offered by Ikea, Land of Nod or Pottery Barn Kids or Craigslist. And, realistically, by the time your child is ready for their next stage of sleeping, you will probably be over the original style you chose. And it takes all the fun out of buying their "big boy/girl bed." Make sure that the model you pick is not on any recall list.”

The type of dresser that Myers recommends using for a changing station. The second item on her list is a changing station. However, she doesn’t recommend purchasing a formal changing station: “You don't need a dedicated changing table; it just takes up room. The best solution I have found is placing the changing pad on top of a dresser. When your baby grows, the changing pad will come off and you will still have a great piece for storage. You can take the opportunity to mount display shelves on the wall above for decorative toys, photographs, books and other mementos [...] Pick a dresser that is deep enough for a changing pad and wide enough to accommodate a basket of diapers, wipes, balms, lotions and hand sanitizer.”

Source: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/1114983/list/nursery-essentials-what-you-really-need

Myers also discredits the mobile, a popular product among new parents. Here are her thoughts: “Mobiles are one thing you don't need. Newborn vision is too blurry to make out a mobile above the crib. And some mothers believe that older babies get distracted from sleeping by mobiles.”

The third item may surprise you: a rocking chair for you. Here’s what she has to say: “You will be spending a lot of time nursing and rocking your baby to sleep. Make sure you have a comfortable chair set up close to the crib, with a foot rest and lots of back support in the form of pillows.” Myers’ list also consists of storage and plenty of open, soft space: “Whether it's a closet, shelves of boxes, a free standing armoire or dresser — you will need a lot of storage for all their little clothes, shoes, bedding, diapers, toys and baby gear.” “Soft surfaces are important too once your baby is crawling. A nice sheepskin rug you can throw on the floor or on a chair, a pouf for them to lean on as they start standing and scooting, and any soft floor rug [...] are all ideal.” Myers’ also stresses the importance of dark window shades: “It takes a while for your baby to start sleeping normally outside of the womb. Dark shades or curtains will help you get them down for naps much quicker and enjoy some me time while you can grab it.”