Plan Your Dream Wedding

Many women, and men, dream of their wedding day their whole lives. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life- it should be everything you and your spouse want and more. When planning your wedding, it is important to make note of a few tips and tricks so all goes according to plan. Follow these few steps in order to achieve the dream wedding you’ve always wished for. Most engagements last around 13 months, which is just enough time to plan everything from your engagement party to your honeymoon- but where to begin?

Set the Date Setting a date as soon as possible is a great way to get the planning started as soon as possible because you’ll know which direction you want to go in. For example, setting a date in the spring or summer would make an outdoor wedding possible. Many venues and vendors will book very far in advance as well. Working backwards from your date will help you prioritize what is of direct urgency and what can be worked out along the way.

Choose Your Colors Choosing your color palette right off the bat will also set the planning wheels into motion. A color palette determines the look of the invites, flowers, and bridal party gowns. For spring and summer, think about muted pastels like pale pistachio or a light lavender. For fall or winter, think about deeper, richer colors like a dark green or dahlia red paired with a slate grey. Taupes and other neutrals like beige and mushroom are appropriate colors all year long as well.

Entertainment Don’t skimp here. Your guests will appreciate a decent DJ, band, and other fun activities. Entertainment is one area that brings people of all social circles together and creates an experience that everyone will remember long after the celebration.

Determine Your Overall Vision Modern? Traditional? Romantic? Vintage? Similarly to setting the date and color schemes, once you have a clear vision, it will help you design your invitations, choose décor and select personal touches.

The Gown Once your date is set, start shopping ASAP. Just like finding your husband, finding “the one” takes time in terms of dresses as well, so you’ll want to get this important element crossed off your to-do list early. Once you’ve selected a dress, which could take up to months, also be sure to allot time for follow up fittings.

Photos are Forever Meaning it’s key to find a wedding photographer who is knowledgeable about shooting in the photographic style you’re looking for. A major trend in wedding photography right now is less formal, more journalistic, capturing not only the bridal party, but also unique details such as rings, shoes, buttons or lace on the gown. Candid shots are pretty popular too. Make sure you’re also “selfie-ready” for your big day, since your friends will definitely be