Bamboo is hardly used in commercial construction, with most professionals settling for steel and concrete. Yet, for truly sustainable living, it is the perfect choice. It can be re-used, recycled and also remains quite sturdy, especially boron bamboo. As you can expect from a place like Bali, the weather isn’t exactly perfect, but boron still manages to hold firm and stable despite exposure to such climates.

Some may see Elora’s decision as a rather stupid one, especially those who are always out to go for the practical route. However, doing this much of a service to the people of Bali will certainly carve her name into its history as a humanitarian and a philanthropist.

Another major plus with bamboo is that it is compressive much like concrete. You can expect to put a stack of them together as a wall, and for sure, they’d be pretty dense. Of course, boron treated bamboo is the go-to option for creating these houses, and so far everything has been secure, as well as beautifully constructed.

Of all the career paths she could have chosen, why bamboo house building? She could have just easily retired into obscurity with all the money she made in the fashion industry, right? Then again, don’t be so quick to judge a person.

However, there is the main concern that bamboo attracts pests, turning the material into something which they can eat. Hardy explains that she uses boron instead. This type of bamboo is a natural resource which actually is self preserving and is not digestible to insects at all.

The truth is, Elora says that she had derived some inspiration from her father. He used to utilize bamboo as material in the buildings around the campus. It makes perfect sense, considering its stability and flexibility.