Google Office – Zurich

  Some might say that Google pioneered these kinds of office spaces. Working for one of the world's biggest companies has its perks. MASSIVE perks that is. With a perfect mix of business wand pleasure, Google is almost never short of creative and effective individuals working their way around the office. Add a rule that everyone must be within 100 meters of food at all times, a bastketball court, fireman's poles scattered around the building and many more, some people would even prefer to live in one of their offices!

Corus Quay – Toronto, Canada

One of the more larger offices on the list, this massive 500,000 square feet office offers an equally massive amount of fun! Dubbed as Toronto's smartest building, it has a large collection of office amenities you would be surprised to even find there. Just look at the photo!

Big In Japan – Dallas, Texas 

Another tech company that only started in 2008, Big In Japan is a Dallas based mobile app developer famous for their award winning, barcode scanning app; ShopSavvy. Focusing on open plan working and endless quirky decorations and even including a nine foot Hulk statue, this tech office knows tech office. Relaxation may be attained by playing Rock Band or by simply lying down on the bean bag which is just heaven, or the good ol' fussball game.

Google Office – Pittsburgh

 Here's another cool Google office on the list. The environment is almost the same as the first one we featured plus a two-story conference room, a giant overhanging hamock, and is themed towards the local Pittsburgh theme part attractions.

Traction Marketing Group – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Here's another warehouse office splashed with coolness. They designed the warehouse envirnoment in a way that they employees would not feel that they weren't even at the office. Traction Marketing also took away the regular florescent lighting and used spot ad festoon lighting that swings down across the ping-pong table plus a massive glass garage sized door floods the entire office with natural light.

AOL Head Quarters – Palo Alto, California

  The once gigantic company may have lost its gleaming smile but recently a massive overhaul of their headquarters had been made, maybe even giving a sign of the company's long awaited rebirth. With large kitchens, relaxation areas, pool tables, game rooms and vibrant colors all over, looks like they're on the right track.