375 Pearl

We get that this was some sort of take on the Art Noveau approach. It’s got that noir-ish look to it. However, for something that serves as the headquarters of Verizon in New York City, it seems to have an exterior that’s devoid of any personality. To be frank, it looks like a grey milk carton that could be crushed rather easily.

Metropolitan Cathedral Church of Christ the King

This church looks anything but holy, if you ask us. It’s located in Liverpool and was first opened back in 1967. It sure doesn’t look like the kind of place you’d come into to worship the Lord Almighty, does it? In fact, it looks like it could stab any angels that may fall from the sky.

Strata SE1

The Strata SE1 in Elephant & Castle, London would look great, had everything around it been made completely of chrome. It looks far too ahead of its time, and we can appreciate it in that regard. However, seeing it with the rest of the buildings surrounding it, id just doesn’t look very fitting. The designers, BFLS, would be considered innovators in some other lifetime.

Grand Lisboa Hotel

This building is just terrible looking. It reminds us of something we’d probably see underwater. Suffice to say, this creation by Ng Chun Man and Dennis Lau definitely belongs several thousand feet below sea level. On the plus side, it might make the people of Macau crave for more seafood.

Fang Yuan Building

Guess they tried living up to the name of being a “square circle.” It’s supposed to represent a fusion of different cultures. Yet, it looks like an oversized set of Chinese coins put together. That doesn’t make for a very nice look, to be honest.

SIS Building

While this may be one of the most recognizable buildings in the world, it doesn’t make it any less ugly. It would probably help matters that many terrorists would avoid it as much as possible, considering that it’s London’s very own MI6 headquarters. Seeing it in all its glory can be breathtaking, but for some, it’s just awful to look at. We can only imagine why Terry Farrell, who designed it, couldn’t think of anything better.