Russian Embassy

Located in Havana, Cuba, this building was first introduced to the public in 1985. It looms over a lot of the smaller buildings around it like an intimidating figure. Designed by Alexander G. Rochegov, it’s not the best representation of Russia. It just looks way too domineering and fear-inducing for anyone to ever consider going inside it.

Elephant Building

This building is really horrible in its design. Looking at it, it does remind you of an elephant. However, it’s also quite bland overall. The designer, Sumet Jumsai, probably didn’t realize that his own creation would make it to the list of the ugliest buildings in the world and wished that he could do it all over again.

Federation Square

First opened to the public in 2002, this building looks like a mess of metal junk. For a renowned architectural firm like Lab Architecture Studio, with the help of Bates Smart, this is a very underwhelming design. We’re pretty sure the people in Melbourne, Australia have a lot of negative things to say about it. It looks like scrap metal was just put together in random order, to be honest.

National Library of Belarus

This building can be found in Misnk. It was designed by Viktor Kramarenko and Mihail Vinogradov. These two came up with something that is far from anything lovely or pleasing. We wouldn’t be surprised if it transformed into a robot, though.

Tours Aillaud

This building in Nanterre, Paris, France is also known to many as the Tours Nuages. It was built back in 1977, thanks to a design by Emile Aillaud. We don’t know what she was smoking at the time. We don’t want any of it either.

Longaberger Basket Company building

If you wanted to go on a picnic, you’d bring your own basket of goodies. However, this building in Newark, Ohio just reminds us all too much that bigger isn’t necessarily better. It’s like the designers were mocking the whole concept of a picnic. As a building, those two handles up top have absolutely no functionality whatsoever, which makes us wonder what the point really was.