Bank of America Tower – New York, USA

Despite being designed by COOKFOX Architects to be one of the worlds most environmentally efficient and friendly buildings on earth, the 1,200ft tall mega-structure boast an incredible 36% of total non-occupiable height. Thats 1 tad bit more than one-third of the entire building.

Zifeng Tower – Nanjing, China

 Being aptly named on their website as “GREEDLAND PLAZA/ZIFENG TOWER”, the vanity in the building is no surprise. Despite providing its visitors with glorious views of the city, the 1,480ft tall tower is the first to hit our 30% mark with the upper portion of the tower being non-occupiable and entirely put to waste.

The Pinnacle – Guangzhou, China

The Pinnacle is one of the three supertall skyscrapers in the city although none of its contemporaries makes CTBUH’s list. With 27% of non-occupiable vanity height.

Minsheng Bank Building – Wuhan, China

The Minsheng Bank Building stands at 1,086ft and is the tallest building in Wuhan although the remaining 308.4ft starting at the buildings crown is empty, resulting in 28% of the building being useless. It even has 3 floors of space below the building. All we can ever ask is... why?

Burj Khalifa – Dubai, UAE

In current definitions, there are “super-tall” buildings at around 980ft in height and the recently added “mega-tall” classification for buildings over 1,970ft high. And just like we have our Michael Jordan's and Michael Jacksons, Dubai’s 2,719ft tall Burj Khalifa is a superstar amongst others, belonging in a class of its own. Sadly, a big chunk of 29% of the structure is non-occupiable. Thats almost one-third of its space being wasted. Sad.

The New York Times Building – New York, USA

Having been built on one of the most prime spots in on of the most prime cities in the world, you would be a dumbo not to expect vanity from this structure. Officially measuring in at 1,046.5ft in height, housing 52 floors as well as having the world famous company occupy floors 2 through 27, the occupiable space in this building is only at an incredibly low 68% leaving the remaining 32% unuseable for any purpose whatsoever.