Burj Khalifa – Dubai, UAE

In current definitions, there are “super-tall” buildings at around 980ft in height and the recently added “mega-tall” classification for buildings over 1,970ft high. And just like we have our Michael Jordan's and Michael Jacksons, Dubai’s 2,719ft tall Burj Khalifa is a superstar amongst others, belonging in a class of its own. Sadly, a big chunk of 29% of the structure is non-occupiable. Thats almost one-third of its space being wasted. Sad.

The New York Times Building – New York, USA

Having been built on one of the most prime spots in on of the most prime cities in the world, you would be a dumbo not to expect vanity from this structure. Officially measuring in at 1,046.5ft in height, housing 52 floors as well as having the world famous company occupy floors 2 through 27, the occupiable space in this building is only at an incredibly low 68% leaving the remaining 32% unuseable for any purpose whatsoever.

Emirates Tower One – Dubai, UAE

Standing 1,164.7ft tall, this building is a mere 4 meters taller than its younger brother, Burj al Arab although it takes vanity height to a whole new level. The 54-story establishment with a triangular floorplan boasts 32% of space all dedicated to... Nothing.

Burj al Arab – Dubai, UAE

The magnificent beauty of this building is a perfect representation of modern structures as well as man's long and epic journey into the depths of design and architectural. The 1,053ft tall Burj al Arab or Tower of the Arabs is one of the tallest and most beautiful structures in the world, boasting one of the most awe-inspiring penthouse views around the globe. And as jaw-dropping as its physical appearance, the building holds 39% of its total height to pure... Nothingness. Yes, 11% short of making half of the entire magnificent structure un-occupiable. But then again, when did beauty ever come without a price?