French Villas

Another inspiration by the French, Chinese architects have begun to copy small French villas in order to give the Chinese suburbs a taste of the French countryside. These villas are not named after any specific city or town in France, nor are they named after specific villas. They are named after popular french attractions such as the Lourve and Versailles.

Little Venice

Venice did not manage to escape the copycat architects and has popped up as its own city in China as well. The details of the city have been copied down, all the way from St. Mark's Basilica, to the canals that define the European city. These canals are functional and man made and allow Chinese residents to take their Chinese gondolas down the canals of Chinese Venice.

Little London or Thames Town

Another European town? Yes. And just like the actual Little Paris, this place is a gated community that opened last 2006. It replicated Tudor-ish styled houses, a slightly Gothic church and even a fake Thames. Apparently, owning a place here was too expensive – for anyone – so it remains a ghost town until now.

Hallstatt, Austria in Huizhou

 The project costing upwards of $940 million dollars was made by a gigantic Chinese mining company. The world famous UNESCO-listed Upper Austrian Village was replicated without permission and may now be found in China. Hopefully people actually seek out to find the original and boost the tourism of the actual village.

Wangjing Soho Building

Wangjing Soho Building was designed by the architect Zaha Hadid, winner of many awards and the architect responsible for some of our most futuristic architecture. Her original building was designed for Wanjing, but an uncanny resemblance has popped up in the city of Chongqing, China. The British architect says she plans on taking legal action for the theft of her intellectual property.

US Mansions

American looking mansions are starting to become a popular model that many wealthy Chinese are interested in. A particularly foreign-inspired development is Rose Garden development, outside Shanghai. This particular mansion is 9,600 square feet and went on the market for $13 million.