15 Breathtaking Mosque Ceilings That Reflect The Beauty Of Islamic Architecture

Vakil Mosque, ShirazPhoto courtesy of: 500pxhttps://500px.com/photo/86103851/vakil-mosque-by-mohammad-reza-domiri-ganji-In their entirety, Mosques showcase a few of the most beautiful architecture that the world has ever seen. The dedication to the work, the mathematics and geometry utilized is just wondrous and fitting for a temple of one of the most largest religions on earth. Since there is too much […]

Here’s What It’s Like Inside the Popular Ice Hotel

Ice HotelPhoto courtesy of Wikimediahttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0f/ICEHOTEL_Main_Hall_%282014%29_by_Alessandro_Falca_%26_AnnaSofia_M%C3%A5%C3%A5g.jpg/450px-ICEHOTEL_Main_Hall_%282014%29_by_Alessandro_Falca_%26_AnnaSofia_M%C3%A5%C3%A5g.jpgIf you ever want to acquire such unique accommodations during a vacation in the northern part of Sweden, you might want to head to Jukkasjärvi.  This town actually offers one of the most jaw-dropping lodgings in the entire world, which is the ICE Hotel.  Yes, you should take that literally.  This […]