An Amazingly Luxurious Penthouse in Vancouver by Feenstra Architecture

Living RoomIn one of their most prestigious projects to date, local studio Feenstra Architecture was able to remodel and create this 5,234 square foot penthouse of dreams. Located on the top floor of a residential building stands this lavishly stunning penthouse, only seen in the imaginations of day dreamers, complete with a 360 degree view […]

The 15 Most Expensive Houses in the World

Ever dreamt of having your very own salon, bowling alley, or high-tech swimming pool in the comforts of your home? Well, on this list, you’ll see the world’s most luxurious and expensive homes built only for the royalty and the ultra rich. 15 CENTRAL PARK WEST, NEW YORK, N.Y. ($45M)Photo courtesy of Rich & Richer […]

Forbes Magazine Top 20 List of 2014: The World’s Most Expensive Homes

15 Central Park West Penthouse, New York, N.Y. – $88 millionPhoto courtesy of Forbes all have that dream home. Imagine owning a place that is all yours and just so happens to be exactly how you envisioned it! That is what I call a dream come true. Sure, there may be tiny little details that […]

The World’s Best 25 Buildings

Autostadt Roof and Service Pavilion (Wolfsburg, Germany)Photo courtesy of archdaily.com has dawned upon us, and we are off to witness new structures being built from the ground up to impress as well as to accommodate.  In the architecture industry, many contractors certainly know how to wow people by coming up with the most unique designs […]