What improvements have been made in the technology of home construction in the past several decades

Tech is everywhere these days and is a booming industry. Tech companies have transformed thousands of everyday items to make them more efficient for your own use, including home construction. In the past few decades, home construction has become easier than it's ever been thanks to the tech industry.

Who Lives in the Most High-Tech Homes?

You'd be surprised to learn who lives in the most high tech homes around the globe. These homes include tech features you never thought possible that will blow your mind.

How can I improve my architectural concepts?

Looking to find your unique architectural style? Concepts and skill are the foundation of your practice and always something with room for improvement. Continue reading to learn how to improve your architectural concepts and inherently become an even better architect.

Why are Silicon Valley companies located where they are?

Everyone knows of the world famous Silicon Valley tech hub, however, these companies have built branches elsewhere. A few well known companies like Facebook and Google have set up offices around the world anywhere from the United States to Israel. Click here to discover why they've done this and how its benefitted their businesses.