"Crazy" John

“Crazy” John Ilhan, the founding father of this building, owes his fortune (and the realization of the Tower) to the booming telecommunications industry.            

The Jasmine Tower

The Jasmine Tower at Chaengwatana Road in Bangkok was made in honor of the rising popularity of telecommunications in the country.

Exterior of the Jasmine Tower

As you can see, its exterior is made to pretty similar to the old school mobile phones, while also maintaining a sleek surface that is reflective of modern touch screen phones.      

Seoul, South Korea

Located in Seoul, South Korea, the SK Headquarters measures 148 meters tall, and is proves to be a perfect match for the company that it houses, a telecom brand. 

SK Headquarters

Looking into further detail, SK Headquarters also features a cell phone motif with its ambient lighting, which resembles that of a flip phone.

Concept tower by ArchPartners

 This concept tower by ArchPartners resembles an iPod, but then again if it pays homage to one of the biggest products that Apple has ever released in the past few years, it makes perfect sense.