With the rapid advancement of technology and new techniques being introduced in design and architecture, the boundaries of construction have now been significantly lessened, having designers easily conquer construction challenges that were previously impossible.

Some even went as far as growing their own lawn and garden on the roof of their floating homes, using them as natural. This might actually be a viable solution for those cities that are starting to have housing issues due to over population.

There's almost an infinite amount of space for progress. RAFAA Architecture & Designs recently won an award with this awesome eco-friendly floating home with solar panels on the roofs. You can only begin to imagine what the future of boat homes and floating houses hold!

India currently has one of the most prominent floating house industries in the world, making it a hot bed for tourists that want to experience these amazing floating houses.

A considerable amount of modern designers are creating beautiful designs that you would totally not have expected to find floating about in the water.