A Wedding that Will Make All Your Friends Jealous

A wedding is a special day and people want the event of a lifetime. Couples are beginning to look for ways to make the day more exciting and spectacular. They want guests to have a fun and unique experience. Does this mean more decorations, bigger venues, or better food? Perhaps. Take a look at some up and coming trends that weddings are beginning to incorporate:

Trendy Wedding Gowns Women are beginning to branch out from the typical choice of a mermaid or A-line wedding dress. With a greater acceptance of body types, women are feeling more appreciated and comfortable in finding a dress that fits her body and mind. Women are opting for different colors like rose or even print, and more daring styles like lower backs, plunging necklines, and various toppers. The modern bride is looking to make a statement. The result? A look that’s sexy and confident.

2. Comfort Food Fancy small plates with names you can hardly pronounce are boring. Take your wedding catering up a notch with finger foods like grilled cheese bars, small salads, and pastry bites are the perfect small dishes as you navigate through relatives and constant small conversations. This makes dinner fun and allows guests to interact in new ways. Also, with rising dietary restrictions, couples are looking for more practical solutions to wedding food. Family style and buffet style food options allow guests to choose and fill a plate to their liking. Couples are also looking to local and sustainable catering options. Some couples are also looking at serving family or ethnic dishes that relate to their background. This way, they can surprise and intrigue guests with a bite of their culture or tradition.

6. Custom Playlists People are very specific about their music choices. With apps like Spotify, Shazam, and others, people can create custom playlists and alter in real time. Couples are moving away from live music that plays hits from your parents’ or even grandparents’ days (and you can throw in a few songs to make them happy). Groups want the perfect playlist to start the party (or slow things down). By enabling sharing, a playlist can be quickly accessed by the wedding DJ to play the right jams at the right time.

3. Interactive Photography With today’s social media and instant connectivity, people are sharing photos and moments within seconds. It makes sense a bride and groom will want to do the same on their wedding day. Couples are now looking for wedding photographers to do interesting action shots, wedding hashtags, and drones to film virtual realities and 360 views of their special day. Photo Booths also allow guests to break the ice with silly props and background. They can instantly upload and share their funny photos using the wedding hashtag. Virtual reality and 360 can broadcast or live stream a couple’s wedding day to family members across the country who were not able to make it.

4. Adventure Weddings Couples are deviating from the traditional church or large venue formats to more intimate country, beach, or outdoor weddings. Couples want their event to feel relaxed and open. A country wedding with green fields or a quiet lake provides the perfect peaceful environment. Getting married in the winter? Think about renting a wooden lodge with a fireplace or a country home.

5. Furry Helpers A rising trend in 2015 and on has been including pets in the wedding reception. People are becoming more open to bringing pets to weddings and even having dogs be the ring bearers. Many millennials have strong connections and attachments to their pets. They are like family to some, so not including them is difficult to imagine. Pets can be a cute addition to the day, as well as a fun distraction and activity, especially for children. Be sure to check with your venue first about allowing pets at the event!