6 Simple and Impressive Kitchen Remodeling Upgrades

We all know upgrading your kitchen takes a lot of time, money, and energy. What if you cannot stand your old sandy cabinets or dim lit counter area? You need a change. We have put together, with the help of kitchen and GoodHouseKeeping, a few easy I yand exciting ways to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, countertops, (as well as other fun tricks)!

Color Me Choose a color palette for your kitchen. This sets the tone for the style of the space. Want more of a kick? Try a two-tone palette! “‘Painting upper and lower counters and cabinets different shades is a huge trend right now," says Kylee Trunck, a designer at Havenly. The result feels surprisingly deliberate and chic -- not mismatched.’”

Explore Stones Aside from the cabinets, kitchen countertops are the next big thing people notice about a kitchen. If you have the budget, try granite or marble countertops. It is elegant and smooth.. However, marble can be pricey. As an alternative, “Vidal (from GH) likes soapstone, a deep gray stone with white veining. ‘It's durable, impervious to heat, and tolerant of acids like lemon juice and vinegar that can etch other surfaces — it's often used as a laboratory countertop.’”

Add a Mural Karen Vidal loves cement tile and is “starting to install them more like a mural, rather than just interlocking patterns. It’s a fresh interpretation of a very current material.” Adding a mural can make any countertop upgrade very personal and unique. Vidal is right, today is all about using common materials in new ways.

Light it Up Kitchen lighting has a big effect on how you perceive the space. It helps set the tone of your color and overall design. Try placing lights above counters and in cabinets. The extra lighting will help with food preparation and provide a warm, welcoming space for everyone.

Quirky Characters Quirky details here and there give your kitchen personality. Look for colorful plates, fun kitchen gadgets, and bright appliances to make your kitchen stand out. Adding color and patterns to your everyday kitchen utensils will help make you smile when cooking!

Textures All Around Experiment with various textures and materials in the kitchen. Try wood, brass, or chrome! Include these textures in a dining table, counter, stove, you name it! Choose material that is timeless and sleek.