Imagine this --- your friends come over for a visit. They admire everything inside your house, how it’s also so spacious and neat. They come across this painting, which looks pretty classy. You also forgot to wear some trinkets because they were there to fetch you in preparation for a night out during the weekend. You then pull the painting down to reveal what is practically a storage space for all your accessories. Surely they’d be wowed with your space saving ways.

You’ve had quite a filling feast for Thanksgiving. Your relatives & friends would like to engage in a bit of recreation with you, but you don’t have any board games and the like. You do, however, have this: a dinner table which also doubles as a billiard table. The fun ensues.

Have you heard of modular furniture? This one was made by RueTemple, and we’re pretty impressed with it. It looks like a regular lounge area inside the house. However, it can also be converted into a three-part living room area. Heck, you can even sleep on it, technically converting it into your own bedroom.

This is something we’re seeing more of these days. A mirror that can be turned into an ironing board makes for great space saving. Besides, after you’ve ironed your clothes, you’d want to make sure it looks good on you, right? Talk about practical, wouldn’t you agree?

How about this? You’ve got 4 chairs in one package. You’ll only need to pull one or all of them out if ever you have guests coming over for a visit. If you’re all by yourself, you just put them all back in and give yourself more room inside the house for moving around. Isn’t that ingenious?

It sure would be nice to have window blinds to keep some unneeded sunlight away from heating up your room, wouldn’t it? However, you also need to make sure your freshly laundered clothes dry up pretty quickly. Hence, this should make for a great alternative to both concerns. Is this a work of genius or what?