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12 Houses That Will Make You Want to Be a Hobbit

The Rabbit HolePhoto courtesy of bobvila hobbit houses were actually built straight into the ground, according to Tolkien’s books. Hence, it’s also quite refreshing to see one that resembles it from the ground up. These are not just environmental-friendly, but also rather appealing as housing options. Earthships, as they’re often called, have been around for […]

Here’s The Most Playful But Serious Building Concept You Will Ever See

StudioPhotos courtesy of: ovastudio studio, a hong-kong-based multidisciplinary design office, has created a futuristic hotel with a grid system that allows containers to travel in and out and move positioning without disturbing the other units, offer endless possibilities as to the purpose of the structure itself. With the mobility and flexibility of the design, the […]

The Most Ambitious and Beautiful

The Most Ambitious and Beautiful: Projects from Dubai that Will Have Your Eyes Popping Projects from Dubai that Will Have Your Eyes PoppingWe all know Dubai to be one of the most forward country, at least in the architectural sense. The country is filled with many man made developments that have awed every visitor that […]

Here’s What It’s Like Inside the Popular Ice Hotel

Ice HotelPhoto courtesy of Wikimedia you ever want to acquire such unique accommodations during a vacation in the northern part of Sweden, you might want to head to Jukkasjärvi.  This town actually offers one of the most jaw-dropping lodgings in the entire world, which is the ICE Hotel.  Yes, you should take that literally.  This […]

The World’s Best 25 Buildings

Autostadt Roof and Service Pavilion (Wolfsburg, Germany)Photo courtesy of archdaily.com has dawned upon us, and we are off to witness new structures being built from the ground up to impress as well as to accommodate.  In the architecture industry, many contractors certainly know how to wow people by coming up with the most unique designs […]

15 Subway Stations You Do Not EVER Want to Leave

Liège Guillemins (Belgium)Photo courtesy of’t you just love how modern technology has essentially made everything convenient for people everywhere, especially when it comes to traveling?  You’ve got the Internet to help you in booking a flight in advance to that holiday destination so that you no longer have to deal with arguments with the […]