25 Tiniest Homes That Are Actually For Sale

The smallest house in history is up next!When you want to get a house for yourself, you’d never imagine it to be pretty small, right? You’d probably wonder how the homeowners insurance quotes are going to look if the house actually seemed like a cave dweller’s crib. However, we’re only exaggerating. You see, houses which […]

From Russia with Love: 6 of Russia’s Best Projects in the 21st Century

4.) The Fisht Stadium in Sochi has a rather unique design to it, especially with its curves, giving the impression of a rather gigantic shell creature. Nonetheless, it also manages to accommodate 40,000 screaming fans for sporting events such as the 2014 Winter Olympics.Photo courtesy of ArchDailyhttp://www.archdaily.com/584354/the-6-most-promising-russian-projects-of-the-past-decade/nextpage

Using IKEA Products in a Totally Unique Way

)  If you own a cat, you can use this Besta Shelf unit as a makeshift bathroom for your feline friend.Photo courtesy of evanandkatelyn.comhttp://evanandkatelyn.com/2013/05/diy-cat-box-cabinet/IKEA seems to be getting into a lot of mainstream success these days, and that is simply because of their mission to provide luxury quality furniture to people who are thrifty & […]

What You Need to Know About Purchasing 500 Dollar Homes in Detroit

See how much Detroit homes are going for on the next page.You won’t be able to move in right away, but you can invest in a 500 dollar home. Watch its market value rise up, and soon enough you’ll have property which can cost up to 30,000 dollars. That’s a great deal of value, which […]

18 Home Upgrades for the Budget Conscious Individual

)  Hate those weeds growing faster than they ought to?Photo courtesy of onegoodthingbyjillee.comhttp://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/2013/05/got-vinegar-you-have-a-cheap-and-easy-weed-killer.htmlAre you looking to make a few improvements to your home, yet you don’t have a lot of cash to spend?  Are you conscious about working within a specific budget?  If your answer is yes to both questions, have we got just the […]

Practical Solutions to Styling Up Your Bathroom 

)  Add a planter to that window in your bathroom to add a sense of freshness.Photo courtesy of ohhappyday.comhttp://ohhappyday.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Ferney-Bathroom3.jpgThe bathroom just may be the most relaxing area in the house, next to your bedroom, that is.  You can take a shower, take a poo, visit the loo to take a whiz, clean yourself up real […]

15 Places to Get Lucky With your Lover

Conrad Rangali Island Resort (Maldives)Photo courtesy of Distractifyhttp://www.distractify.com/So you’ve had a few dates, managed to go beyond first base but haven’t quite sealed the deal just yet.  You want to make sure that the home run is as special for you as it would be for him or her.  If you really want to make […]