This 84 sq. ft. mobile home called “The Little House” uses solar power for electricity.  Talk about an energy saver, huh?

With natural ventilation, there won’t be any need to install a chimney or a fire pit, as this house in Germany measures only 79 square feet.


At just 140 square feet, there is nothing better than accessibility when it comes to this home in Seattle, Washington.

Since she cared so much about the environment, Elizabeth Turnbull decided to create her very own eco-friendly home which measures 144 square feet.  Sure does beat paying for a dorm room, doesn’t it?


At 100 square feet, this Eco Cube was designed to provide enough comfort while also being environmentally friendly.

This home in Barcelona was originally a loft for pigeons, and understandably so, at just 258 square feet.  However, it was then converted into a swanky looking apartment.