15 Of The Most Amazing DIY Storage Tricks

The power of velcroPhoto courtesy of: dailyarchdesignhttp://www.dailyarchdesign.com/wall-decor/37-insanely-smart-diy-storage-ideas-you-want-to-know/No matter the living situation, storage and organization of all that “stuff” is always something that can be improved. How wonderful would it be to have a home where each item has its own spot? Never again would you waste your time wondering where that candle is that your best friend gave you. Getting to this stage or organization is a tall order to fill. Most people are not sure of where to start and even if they did know what they wanted to do, finding the time to actually organize is much too difficult. The struggle is over! That organized storage life is no longer something to worry about because we’ve gathered 15 of the best DIY storage tricks for those living in small homes or apartments for you!nextpage

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