15 Futuristic Architecture Projects?

Capital Hill Residence, Russia

Naomi Campbell, supermodel girlfriend of Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin, certainly received a unique and special gift -- a holiday retreat in Barvikha, Russia. Not exactly a deal your everyday mortgage adviser could have arranged. Doronin hired Zaha Hadid Architects to design a residence resembling a space ship straight out of a science fiction movie. The 22 meter tall watch tower encloses private quarters with a view that imitates the feeling of sitting in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon.

Signature Towers, Dubai

As if Dubai doesn't already have enough signature towers on its easily recognizable skyline. Hadid has another addition planned for Dubai -- the Signature Towers (note the capitalized S and T). This distinct trinity stands above the city and will host offices, hotels, residential complexes, and more. Just another construction project in Dubai, I suppose. I wonder if all the thousands of residents in Signature Towers can share the same home phone internet bundle.

Sky SOHO, Shanghai

This creation was designed as the new office headquarters for the SOHO group in Shanghai. Inspiration includes Chinese calligraphy and environmental consciousness. The four buildings add strokes of movement to Shanghai's ever changing city. Speaking of movement, have you and your mortgage adviser decided which futuristic residence you are moving to next yet?

Bergisel Ski Jump, Austria

The Bergisel Ski Jump started as a part of a refurbishment project of the Olympic Arena on Bergisel Mountain in Innsbruck, Austria. The colossal tower boasts a panoramic cafe and viewing terraces. The facility is equipped for both athletic and recreational needs, with twin lifts taking athletes and fans alike to the summit of this intimidating ski jump. Such a remote location must mean a pretty expensive home phone internet bundle.

Vilnius Museum and Cultural Center

This metallic structure is the epitome of futuristic architecture. From certain angles, it actually looks as if the building is levitating. Atypical of Hadid's designs, this monochrome creation is less flowy and more flat (though, it still does maintain some of the signature curves that define Hadid's design). The carefully planned soft edges are said to add 'lightness and fluidity' the the structure, differentiating it from its vertical and static backdrop.