Gaghwa Island, South Korea ("Hugging" Cafe)

Called so because these two buildings are literally doing just that!

Rotterdam and Helmond, Netherlands (Cube Houses)

Their names are actually "Kubuswoningen" and they're a pretty cool place to live in once you get around the weirdness of the place!

Windsor, England (Crooked House)

Apparently, the likes of Charles II and Nell Gwyn would gather up in this place for illicit meetings. But we like to think that these days, the backdoor is reserved for the stocks.

Malmo, Sweden (Curvy Building)

This beautiful condominium is the brain child of the Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava.

Praud's Leaning House, South Korea

Created nearby Chungpyong Lake, this house has its shape so it can maximize the sunlight!

Prague, Czech Republich (Surrealist Building)

The house were apparently designed by the famous dancing pair, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.