Indoors Ferris Wheel      

If your child wants to have his or her very own carnival inside the room, why not have a ferris wheel installed?  When playtime’s over, you can use the carriages to store toys.

Indoor Climbing Wall

Designed by Naf Architect & Design for the 3 Way House in Tokyo, it would be the perfect opportunity to test your wall climbing skills and make it to the top as you’re greeted by a lovely view of the world outside.

Wrap-around Stairs/Slide Combo

Japanese studio Level Architects offers freedom of choice with either a flight of stairs or a slide, both of which meet each other in the middle, with a ball pit for kids to enjoy.

Pirate Playground by Kuhl Design

A floating ship with a rope bridge with an indoor slide… How fun can this get?

Multi-colored Stairs with Trap Doors and Slides

This indoors children’s paradise was created by AB Rogers and DA Studio. The multi-faceted recreational area features trap doors which can be used as entry points to the next floor, plus an extra large sofa which children can jump and bounce on.

Slide/Library Combo

If your child enjoys reading a lot, converting the stairs into a set of bookshelves ought to do the trick. Install a slide right in the middle and they get a load of fun. Korean architect Moon Hoon’s realized idea for the Panorama House certainly is proof of that.