Penthouse Slide    

Tubular in design and costing far beyond you can imagine, this penthouse slide in New York City would certainly make high society feel like children all over again.

Alex Michaelis’ Underground Recreational Area

Alex Michaelis is an architect by profession, so it only made sense for him to imbue a sense of fun in his own home in London by adding an underground recreational area. It includes a large swimming pool, a slide right beside the stairs and a wall dedicated entirely to rock climbing.

Indoors Tree House

Located in Bainbridge Island, Washington, this tree house gives children the opportunity to experience some outdoors fun while staying inside a 6,000 square foot mansion.

Second Floor Slide    

Just when you thought stairs were somewhat tiresome to go down on, Indonesian firm Aboday Architects makes traveling down from the second floor  a whole lot more fun.

Indoors Ferris Wheel      

If your child wants to have his or her very own carnival inside the room, why not have a ferris wheel installed?  When playtime’s over, you can use the carriages to store toys.

Indoor Climbing Wall

Designed by Naf Architect & Design for the 3 Way House in Tokyo, it would be the perfect opportunity to test your wall climbing skills and make it to the top as you’re greeted by a lovely view of the world outside.