Dog Friendly

Because you don't have a landlord, it's up to you to decide what rules you want in your home and how you want to run it. Never have to deal with a "no pets" rule every again. Bring your furry friend along for the ride every time, and never have to worry about him taking up the entire back seat. He'll have his pillow or crate, and you'll be able to be stress-free and never have to bother with nasty landlords telling you he's not allowed in the apartment.

Life in color?

  The whole design is just so vivid and well put together that we can’t help but want to live here. It just screams, “come here and take a step back from all the craziness.” The colors are so attractive, we wouldn’t mind bathing ourselves in it, that’s for sure.

Giving us the 70’s vibes.

     Back in those days, life was about love and peace. Nobody gave you a lot of bad shit to deal with; everything was just peachy. This woman right here sure knows how to live that to the fullest. Just sit back, chill and get yourself a lot of time for some relaxation.

Meeting people

You yourself control the people you meet. Outgoing and in search of building relationships? Head over to a trailer park and meet others who have decided to live a life on the road. More introverted? Feel free to drive along the coast and listen to the radio, all societal pressures to interact with others completely lifted.

Live on Mars

Okay, fine. This image isn't taken on Mars, but you get the idea. Living in a camper means living wherever you want, whenever you want, which includes the desert in the middle of the year. Some people find it beautiful between the sand dunes and who should say otherwise? Besides, heating up the barbecue is so much easier when its over 100 degrees outside and it's already hot enough for the metal pan to fry and egg.

Mobile Roots

Just because you live in a camper doesn't mean you can't have a home base to settle down in. The nature of campers and the fact that your whole life could be packed up and driven away in a single second may be kind of intimidating for some. We mustn't forget that where there's a will, there's a way, and there will always be ways to still live the camper life and be able to ease into an environment to call home.