Utility Substation, Netherlands

Designed by Roeland Otten, this utility station has been heralded around the world as the most beautiful of its kind.

Juniper House, Sweden

Unlike most of the houses in this list, this house does not use mirrors or glass to hide itself. Instead, the building is covered in pictures of Juniper trees. Although invisible in some angles, you can still see it!

The Desert House, California

With the use of steel, glass, copper and concrete this house was made with the intention of making it as strong as an armadillo's back. This building could withstand the many changes in temperature in the dessert!

The Woodpile Studio, Netherlands

Designed by Piet Hein Eek as a commission from Hans Liberg, this office would camouflage by looking like a bunch of wood. But by opening the window, it would be revealed to be a small office space that makes use of a lot of natural light.

Glass Farm, Netherlands

Worried about public's opinion, the designers of this building decided to create the entire building in glass hoping to make it blend among the old buildings.

Dune House, Florida

Built within the sands of the Atlantic beach, this house was created in 1975 by one William Morgan.